Loose Bun Hairstyles Weekly Updo Buns
Loose Bun Hairstyles Weekly Updo Buns

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Making Your Hair Look Fantastic With Updo Buns

Updo Buns is a unique style of hairstyle that requires a little bit of time to care for. They can be quite a challenge for a stylist to get right, but they’re actually not all that difficult to maintain. The key is to take care of the hair up top and at the same time take care of the bun down below.

What happens in the updo is that you blow-dry your hair straight and clip it back in an up-do style. This means that the natural draping of your hair will naturally take place. As you do this, you need to then secure your hair up with a cap. This way you will avoid any possibility of your hair falling out as it does with straight hair.

But when you remove the cap, you need to care for your hair as it stands up straight. By giving your hair a good brushing, this will remove all the dead skin on your scalp. You should also use a good deep conditioner once again to seal in the moisture that is necessary to keep your hair looking healthy. If you don’t, it will become dry and damaged.

Once you’ve done that you need to try not to blow-dry your hair too much. You can also use a styling tool to speed up the process, but make sure that you give your hair a gentle tug at the roots. You want to avoid making the hair appear frizzy or flatter.

Then you need to make sure that you go about your daily routines for a while. Nothing will ruin a hairstyle quite like doing too much at one time. You can choose to comb your hair straight-curly. Just make sure that you don’t make it too curly that the updo won’t look all that impressive.

Make sure that you use a styling tool to take away all the hair that is hanging out from the roots, and use a light dry shampoo on it. Another thing to remember is that you must always go through your hair after you have done this to ensure that you have done the job right. Make sure that you take a deep breath before you blow-dry the hair.

After you have taken a deep breath, try placing your hair in front of you. It should look so clean and then gently brush through the hair. Don’t pull it or tug on it, this will make it look overly rough.

Finally, let the hair dry naturally. Don’t push it into a flat-iron. If you do that, it will make the whole look very off-kilter. Place a towel over the dryer to keep it dry.

Now you need to apply a good amount of conditioner to your hair. You can use a good hair curler to hold it in place while you apply it. Then you need to give your hair some heat as well. Blow-dry it till the ends are semi-tangled and smoothen it down.

At this point you can finish drying the hair and style it how you wish to, but you do need to make sure that you have a good amount of time between the time that you spend drying and the time that you spend styling. You want your hair to be in the perfect shape before you style it, otherwise the effect will be ruined.

Updo Buns doesn’t take too long to style. But the best thing about them is that they require no ironing.

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